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From VideoHive

Crypto and blockchain enthuasists brace yourself! Here is the perfect intro for your crypto trading channel, blockchain course or crypto meetup. This intro effectively communicates with crypto audience by showing a few symbols that are well known in blockchain world and thus helping to anchor your brand to the blockchain space.

Crypto audience eager for new information definitely don’t want to sit through 15 seconds of flippy spiny logo reveal. That’s why this logo reveal is super short and simple. Turn your channel to a rocket and start your video with awesome intro moon boy!

Crypto Channel Intro - 1

Crypto Trading Channel Key Features:
  • Your own colors – Pick the perfect colors for your channel conveniently from dedicated controler.
  • Your own timing – You can easily make the animations longer or shorter.
  • Detailed user guide – We guide you through all the basic settings but also give you instructions what to do if you want to do more advanced customizations.
  • 100% After Effects – No plugins, No pre-renders. You have direct access to everything so customization option are endless.

Suitable for: Crypto and blockchain communities, crypto trading youtube channels, blockchain meetups, hackathons, investing seminars, start-ups and similar. !

Audio files are not included in the template but you can download them here:
I recommend to synchronize your Adobe Typekit with fonts used in this template. You can do it through AE or manually:

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