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Adobe After Effects
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Mac OSX (64-bit) After Effects CC 2018, Windows (64-bit) After Effects CC 2018
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08 December 18
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03 March 20

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by GarW
From VideoHive
Dokyu has been a great little find. I was looking for some animated icons to speed up a project and boom there was Dokyu! I am finding it can do much more than what I initially purchased it for and the developer has been super responsive with a couple of questions I have had. I highly recommend as a great jumping-off point for your projects.
by svetlomirslavchev
From VideoHive
Great plugin! It was quite surprising for me to discover all the features because many of them are going to very useful for my work.
It takes a bit of time to understand how it functions, but then you realize how helpful the plugin can be.
by batestic
From VideoHive
Dokyu Motion is a wonder of engineering. From the modern UI and fast performance, to the onboarding process which makes it really easy to get into. Everything just works. Installing was smooth and I’m excited that I can now call myself a motion designer! Thumbs up to the creator.


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1520 Elements. Beautiful Type. Exclusive Design. Fast Editing. Online video today is big business with big money. So how to you get heard when you have no advantages? Dokyu Motion levels the playing field with affordable 1-click access to 1520 VFX templates and 1.6 million license-free images. If you want to build a video brand, you first need to stick out.

1-Click. Visual Effects Made Easy. Video today has set such a high standard it can be scary starting out. Dokyu Motion makes post-production 1-click simple so anyone can join the big leagues.

Responsive Resolution. Mobile Ready. Any Platform. No Compromise. We built a custom pin framework for the Typography library to reposition elements automatically. So you can choose any aspect ratio.

Responsive Duration. Drag In. Drag Out. Flexible Length. NEW FOR 2019: Click-and-drag the start or end of the layer to change the duration of your scene. Animations throughout are left untouched.

1.6 Million Images. Search. Download. Use. Publish. Dokyu′s integration means you can access 1.6 million stunning license-free images for your templates. All without leaving After Effects.

Free Updates. The Latest In Motion Design. Our studio has produced 15 VFX libraries for Dokyu Motion, spanning a broad range of post production needs for the online publisher. New libraries are published in real-time and notifications ensure you don′t miss out.

Ready? Let’s Get Started. Take the pressure off your busy work schedule. Dokyu_Motion_Footer