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Adobe After Effects
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Mac OSX (64-bit) After Effects CC 2018, Windows (64-bit) After Effects CC 2018, Mac OSX (64-bit) After Effects CC 2017, Windows (64-bit) After Effects CC 2017, Mac OSX (64-bit) After Effects CC 2016, Windows (64-bit) After Effects CC 2016, Mac OSX (64-bit) After Effects CC 2015, Windows (64-bit) After Effects CC 2015, Mac OSX (64-bit) After Effects CC 2014, Windows (64-bit) After Effects CC 2014, Mac OSX (64-bit) After Effects CS5/CS6/CC, Windows (64-bit) After Effects CS5/CS6/CC
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.aep, jsxbin
19 February 19
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22 February 19

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From VideoHive

Motion Titles Tool V01 - 1

This is a tool to apply stylized motion animation effects on any text, logo or image. Ideal for title sequences, energetic openers and any motion graphic project that requires glitch effects.

 photo Any_Text_zpsjxsiyzt9.gif photo Any_Logo_zpsvzykynal.gif photo Any_Image_zps707enksw.gif

  • No Plug-ins required
  • Supports any text you type in. No length limitation or font limitation.
  • You can apply effects on any logo or image.
  • 50 Effects in Total
  • Every effect has alpha channel, so that it is very easy to composite of footage
  • Supports up to 4K (3840×2160) resolution. You can apply on comps with any aspect ratio.
  • Custom controls will be generated to each effect to enable detailed customization
  • Comprehensive video guide is included to guide through the customization process.
  • Compatible with all language versions of After Effects.
  • Supports Windows and Mac
  • After Effects CS6 and higher

 photo Aspect_Ratio_zpsnrnquj5e.gif photo Image_Animation_01_GIF_zpsjd09bhkx.gif photo Image_Animation_04_GIF_zpsjiy8b5ze.gif photo Image_Animation_02_GIF_zpsvfa30ecd.gif photo Image_Animation_03_GIF_zpsm0tdu8vb.gif

* You can purchase the audio tracks used in the preview video here. * You can find the video footage used in the preview video here. (Licenced under Creative Common Licence) * You can find images used in the preview video here. * You can find the logo designs used in the preview video here.

 photo 01_Title_Preview_43_zpsq1ti43e3.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_40_zpsqiqflz9b.gif photo 01_Logo_Preview_21_zpsr0w0trmv.gif photo 01_Logo_Preview_24_zps6o4a5mg1.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_50_zps55f2npue.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_49_zps6ghiq6ug.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_47_zpsigmfe1dn.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_46_zpsiacapvde.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_39_zpsgnlsx292.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_38_zpsuwtdaqc8.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_42_zpspg8gzco6.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_36_zpsnawonzkc.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_37_zps06vksdvg.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_32_zpsci47rfgg.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_33_zpssp6yfwut.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_20_zpsbyq5p5oe.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_31_zpskyion7tj.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_30_zpshptkgo8f.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_26_zpslyc3qvcx.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_23_zpsrglcl1d5.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_22_zpscviyijjn.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_18_zpsj6grg3fy.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_17_zpsu5ekwsjo.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_12_zps2ol5hbfa.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_16_zpsmkkn3xvp.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_14_zps5a7vkdio.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_10_zps4t43kpeb.gif photo 01_Logo_Preview_45_zpsgpahsvxj.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_05_zpsmqdkmi5p.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_08_zps4zw3cpil.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_03_zps9tcehxfs.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_02_zpsk1gpaq37.gif photo 01_Logo_Preview_44_zpsn63rbvzy.gif photo 01_Logo_Preview_48_zpssvjcco9f.gif photo 01_Logo_Preview_41_zpskucsptn6.gif photo 01_Logo_Preview_35_zps5ay9yrqq.gif photo 01_Logo_Preview_29_zps3sjycxcm.gif photo 01_Logo_Preview_34_zpsln7vubsq.gif photo 01_Logo_Preview_28_zpsdfb0tgcs.gif photo 01_Logo_Preview_27_zpshctn0j9w.gif photo 01_Logo_Preview_25_zpsvpujuy8z.gif photo 01_Logo_Preview_11_zpshauvuidp.gif photo 01_Logo_Preview_13_zpsvm24ydgy.gif photo 01_Logo_Preview_07_zpss0oa6foe.gif photo 01_Logo_Preview_09_zpseyxdlr2f.gif photo 01_Logo_Preview_19_zpsc7vq4car.gif photo 01_Logo_Preview_15_zpsajgwlchs.gif photo 01_Logo_Preview_06_zps67pwfuqz.gif photo 01_Logo_Preview_04_zpsuttgueff.gif photo 01_Title_Preview_01_zpspb6xz80u.gif

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