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Operating Systems
Add On
Adobe After Effects
Works With
Mac OSX (64-bit) After Effects CC 2018, Windows (64-bit) After Effects CC 2018, Mac OSX (64-bit) After Effects CC 2017, Windows (64-bit) After Effects CC 2017, Mac OSX (64-bit) After Effects CC 2016, Windows (64-bit) After Effects CC 2016
Files Included
.aep, .plugin
22 October 19
Last Update
20 March 20

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From VideoHive
Create impressive motion design with lines and dots.
The Volna plugin is a new tool for motion design that allows you to create combined forms and animate them in a wide range due to the large number of animated parameters. Volna extends Adobe After Effects. Using two masks as a basis, the plug-in creates copies between them that smoothly flow into each other.
Volna - 1
Plugin features
Create a new shape using two masks.
Volna - 2
Two primitives mode: points and lines.
Volna - 3
Gradients for each masks with animation and random parameters.
Volna - 4
Unlimited number of steps of interpolations.
Volna - 5
The ability to diversify the step to create a more natural form.
Volna - 6
Deformation with Perlin noise and sinus function.
Volna - 7

Wide possibilities to create animations. You can animate color, shape, gradients, distortion and add some randomness.

Demo and learn:

v1.1 New Features
  1. Distort with noise
  2. Random steps for lines
  3. Shift lines
  4. Animate alpha channel with noise or with sinus function
  5. Random gradients animation
  6. Points primitive mode