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From VideoHive

A world map with pulsing blue circles and a moving cross hair, along with red and green dots spread evenly across the world. On two of the files provided are some bogus information, if this video was to be put on something like a computer screen in a movie’s background. The bogus information consists of a text “Locating…” and loading bar on the bottom, some CPU and Network load monitors, a fake network trace, and some other various information. Although it is a 1080p file, by cutting out the left side that includes the CPU and network load, etc. the video turns into a perfect 4:3 ratio. There are three files included to choose from:

1) Map – Clean: Just a map with the blue circles, cross hairs, and red/green dots

2) MapScreen – Clean: Using the “Map – Clean” map, all of the information mentioned above is added such as the loading bar and the CPU/network load analyzer.

3) MapScreen – Digital: Same as number 3 but made to look like it’s on a digital screen with a little digital noise and a small grid.

I see many different uses for this map. First of all, it would look great in the background of any action film. Just look at movies such as Deja Vu, the Bourne Ultimatum, or Mission Impossible, they all have computers running in the background, but nobody really there working on them or even having them do anything important. In addition to that, the clean map-only could provide a great background to any type of video such as a corporate tour. The uses are limitless, and remember, you are getting 3 video files to meet the needs of anybody.

You can alternatively purchase to project file at: Map Location Search - 1